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Hello everybody! Sorry it's been quiet over here - I'll try and post things a bit more regularly now there seems to be more activity on Dreamwidth.

So, to return to an old, reliable question, what are you singing at the moment, and are you enjoying it? Any summer (or winter!) concerts coming up?

Personally, I'm having a slightly panicked look at the Langlais Messe Solennelle, which we are singing on Sunday...
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My choir performed The Creation by Hadyn recently with a local orchestra and I finally finished writing my mega post about the piece and how much I love it (which is a lot.) Here's a link to my entry which preserves the cut tags. I also have youtube videos embedded of my favourite renditions, if you're interested!
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Or, if you're not singing anything, what would you like to be singing?

My choir is on its summer break, after a fun but exhausting tour to Exeter, and I am rather enjoying the rest. I did sing along with a CD of Evensong for St Peter's Day from Exeter Cathedral, though, along with my partner and my best friend. Dyson in D, Radcliffe responses and Bairstow's Blessed City, Heavenly Salem. It was all a bit slow, I thought. But fun!
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What are you singing this week? Are you enjoying it?


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