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Most Holy Night: Songs of Comfort and Refuge

I'm not sure if posting information about choral concerts is allowed here, but here goes:

Voces Inauditae have a concert in Edinburgh on 16th September. It will include a performance of my setting of "Round Me Falls the Night" so I am kindof excited about it! I think this is probably the premiere, though I can't be sure on account of putting my music on CPDL for anyone to download.

Anyway, if you're in Edinburgh or environs and interested in the concert, there are details over on the Book of Face.

What are you singing at the moment?

Hello everybody! Sorry it's been quiet over here - I'll try and post things a bit more regularly now there seems to be more activity on Dreamwidth.

So, to return to an old, reliable question, what are you singing at the moment, and are you enjoying it? Any summer (or winter!) concerts coming up?

Personally, I'm having a slightly panicked look at the Langlais Messe Solennelle, which we are singing on Sunday...
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Disney songs arrangements for choir?

In this year's summer choir camp the theme will be film music, especially Disney, and our choir leader asked us to submit suggestions and arrangements we would like to sing. We already know we'll sing "Circle of Life" and "Under the Sea", I'm sure it'll be great.
Do you know of good choir arrangements of Disney songs?

The Creation writeup

My choir performed The Creation by Hadyn recently with a local orchestra and I finally finished writing my mega post about the piece and how much I love it (which is a lot.) Here's a link to my entry which preserves the cut tags. I also have youtube videos embedded of my favourite renditions, if you're interested!
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A world premiere performance this evening...

I'm very excited to report that tonight Chorus Niagara will be presenting, for its inaugural performance, "A Mighty Cry" by Niagara Region composer Michael Kositsky. It's great music, all about the War of 1812, General Brock, the Battle of Queenston Heights, Lundy's Lane, Drummond, Laura Secord...good stuff. We received a grant from the Federal Government to commission this work, and it's very relevant to our local history here in Niagara. The government just finished the bicentennial celebrations of the war a couple of months ago, so it's timely, too.

The video below is an excerpt from the second work we're also performing this evening, "The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace" by Karl Jenkins.

I hope everyone leaves the concert this evening with a fresh appreciation for what our men & women in uniform have done (and continue to do) to secure and maintain our freedom.

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plans for May

Yesterday at choir we found out we're singing four pieces by someone named Cyrillus Kreek in May. That is a ridiculously funny name to me, but the music is quite pretty. Seems like a mix between national romanticism and Middle Ages influence. It's Estonian, and written in 1923. Here's the second of those four pieces:

That sweet and pretty Hallelujah run really sticks in your brain.

In May, we'll also be performing parts of Poulenc's Mass in G. I AM EXCITE. I've never performed or rehearsed it, and it is awesome. This is the Kyrie, which we're starting with next week.

Happy New Year!

Hope 2013 brings you lots of good music!

(We did this at the Epiphany Carol Service this evening, though not so beautifully as the choir of St Paul's, Harvard Square, do it here. It's so simple and beautiful, I love it - and the picturesque and slightly mysterious lyrics, too.)

Concert writeup!

My choir had our end-of-term concert today: a selection of baroque and Renaissance music, including Bach's Magnificat. Unfortunately, I don't have any recordings, but I do have pointers to youtube! The writeup's on my journal.

That time of year again...

Our musical director, on the subject of 'Candlelight Carol', by John Rutter. As you'll see, he has a somewhat cynical sense of humour...

'It's very popular, and lots of people will say how lovely it is while completely ignoring everything else we do, and it's made him an awful lot of money, and so we must be sure to sing it very well.'

As the end of term approaches terrifyingly fast, what are you singing?
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Sunday singing

This Sunday we did a Thanksgiving Mass. The two main pieces we sang were Vaughan Williams' Te Deum and Paul Mealor's Ubi Caritas. The Ubi Caritas is from 2011 and so beautifully written that I'm sharing the recording of the way we did it. I enjoyed singing it so much. Please excuse the small crackling at the climax of the piece - I must have done something wrong in Audacity.

(crossposted from my journal)
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christmas texts?

My choir is commissioning a Christmas piece from composer Ad Wammes for Christmas next year, and our leader asked us to come up with Christmas poems, texts or passages we would like to have set to music. Do you guys have any suggestions?

The language of the texts should be English or Latin, and we were told to turn in our suggestions by Tuesday. Um, help?

ETA: They changed their minds, after we turned in our suggestions. Now they want a more general text to sing all year round.


In recent months I have been both flattered and delighted to be invited to join the choirs for the weddings of two separate sets of friends. I would stress that I am not alone in this honour; I think all the guests who can sightread have been so invited. Which, when you think about it, says rather a lot about my particular group of friends...

Anyway, the first of these two weddings is in a couple of weeks, and so, quite apart from the usual palaver of borrowing the car and picking some poor unsuspecting relative to stay with, I have been bashing through Walton's Set me as a seal. The other anthem is I was glad, which I don't need to notebash as we only did it in July, complete with vivats. (My partner has, though, having been bumped up to alto 1 for the occasion.)

And the hymns, of course. The bride writes: in case you'd like to know about hymns (it's always the first thing I want to know about other peoples' weddings!) we're having: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty; Come down O Love Divine; and God is Love, let Heaven adore him (to Abbot's Leigh).

The other wedding is next April. I have been told what the anthems are, but they mostly seemed to be by Rutter, so I have forgotten again.
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Just found this community via [site community profile] dw_community_promo. What a neat idea! I thought I should introduce myself.

Pleased to meet you! )

Greetings, choral music lovers!

How's it going? What are you singing at the moment? Or, if you're not singing, what was your favourite piece of the last few months? Heard anything good recently?
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Trying out Soundcloud some more

We got the recording we did of the concert Saturday.

Sleep, Kung Liljekonvalje )
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Rehearsal today went pretty well (we had an all day thing). We went through everything we're doing at the concert the 26th, but we spent extra time on Whitacre's Sleep.

It's so beautiful. The more I sing it, the more moved I feel by it. I have to pretend I'm singing about regular sleep and not death, because if I keep death in mind, I can't sing it.

The Proms programme is out

Here, have a look.

Of particular interest to this community might be:

- Handel, Judas Maccabaeus (19 July)
- Tenebrae, with Gibbons and other stuff (23 July, lunchtime)
- Beethoven, Symphony no. 9 (27 July)
- Walton, Belshazzar's Feast (31 July)
- Tippett, A Child of our Time (1 August)
- Bernstein, Mass (6 August)
- Elgar, The Apostles (10 August)
- Berlioz, Requiem (11 August)
- Sullivan (and Gilbert), The Yeomen of the Guard (19 August)
- 1612 Italian Vespers (22 August)
- not to mention everything I've missed on this first skim-through.

Is it July yet?
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kung liljekonvalje

Choir last night was good, even if my vocal cords are still weak and I got really hoarse. We're taking a break with Bach and starting to prepare for our own concert later in the spring. Among other things we're doing Evening Hymn by Gardiner and Sleep by Whitacre. I understand that Gardiner's Evening Hymn is a very common piece in Britain, but no one in my choir had done it before. I'd listened to some Whitacre before, but this is the first piece I've sung - very pretty. This is a kind of concert where we try to appeal to the public a lot by asking them to send in suggestions on what to sing. We did the same thing last year, and if we're going on that it will probably be less suggestions from the public than from choir members. I won't say we did any songs that weren't accessible per se, but some were less than easy listening. Anyway, there is bound to be a lot of romantic nationalism - there's a lot of tradition for choirs that way, especially in Uppsala.
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John Blow

The choir I'm singing in is learning "Be merciful unto me, O Lord" by John Blow for Lent. I'd never heard of Blow before, but I really like this piece. Has anyone sung other stuff by Blow? Are there any recordings that you'd recommend?