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Yesterday at choir we found out we're singing four pieces by someone named Cyrillus Kreek in May. That is a ridiculously funny name to me, but the music is quite pretty. Seems like a mix between national romanticism and Middle Ages influence. It's Estonian, and written in 1923. Here's the second of those four pieces:

That sweet and pretty Hallelujah run really sticks in your brain.

In May, we'll also be performing parts of Poulenc's Mass in G. I AM EXCITE. I've never performed or rehearsed it, and it is awesome. This is the Kyrie, which we're starting with next week.

Date: 2013-01-17 03:11 am (UTC)
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I like the Kreek piece - you're right about the influences...I pictured Brother Cadfael in his garden when I listened to it! LOL

That Kyrie sounds like a real challenge - I'm impressed that you have Sopranos who can sing those soft yet stratospheric notes! And keeping the intonation while singing completely a capella, with such unusual harmonies would be very tough indeed. Good luck!


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