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Our musical director, on the subject of 'Candlelight Carol', by John Rutter. As you'll see, he has a somewhat cynical sense of humour...

'It's very popular, and lots of people will say how lovely it is while completely ignoring everything else we do, and it's made him an awful lot of money, and so we must be sure to sing it very well.'

As the end of term approaches terrifyingly fast, what are you singing?

Date: 2012-11-22 11:02 pm (UTC)
northern: Looking up through an arched stairway. I took this color photo on my way to choir - it leads to the cathedral. (choir)
From: [personal profile] northern
Bach's Christmas Oratorio next weekend, and then various stuff including Illuminare Jerusalem by Judith Weir and O Magnum Mysterium by Lauridsen for our Christmas concert December 16th.

I want to sing Rutter's Magnificat again!

Date: 2012-11-23 03:20 am (UTC)
proseac: (Acquired Taste)
From: [personal profile] proseac
O Magnum Mysterium sends shivers down my spine! You are so lucky to be doing that! And I love the Bach Christmas Oratorio too. I always said I hated Bach until we did that one. ♥

Date: 2012-11-23 12:08 am (UTC)
schneefink: River walking among trees, from "Safe" (Default)
From: [personal profile] schneefink
We aren't doing a Christmas concert this year because practices started later than planned because of organizational things and we need the time to practice "Eversmiling Liberty". I already sang it once, but I still love it, it has so much energy when sung with a good choir.

Date: 2012-11-23 03:22 am (UTC)
proseac: (Acquired Taste)
From: [personal profile] proseac
Chorus Niagara is preparing for our bi-annual Messiah concerts which will be on December 8th & 9th. We're doing it with period instruments, which means it's pitched slightly lower, and it's driving the two people in the choir who have perfect pitch almost insane! One of them actually wrote out her entire score by hand a semi-tone lower because she couldn't stand it! LOL

Date: 2012-11-23 08:39 am (UTC)
antisoppist: (Dreadful choir)
From: [personal profile] antisoppist
That is such a brilliant comment.

Tomorrow (flood waters willing) I am singing at a concert of Rutter's Requiem (boo hiss) and Vivaldi's Gloria.

I've also signed up for a charity carol concert at Wells Cathedral on December 15th, which includes the conductor's own arrangements of The Holly and the Ivy and Silent Night and some things I've never done before like Britten's New Year Carol. I'm rehearsing for that with other volunteers from various choirs across Somerset and it's been great to meet new people and sing with our old conductor.

Last week there was only one tenor and so four of us second altos offered to help out. I discovered that my sight reading is appalling when it's written an octave higher or in bass clef and that I just about have a D below middle C (the low C did defeat me).

Date: 2012-11-23 05:36 pm (UTC)
sylvaine: mp3-player with earphones in back pocket of jeans. ([gen] music ♥)
From: [personal profile] sylvaine
We're singing Mendelssohn's Paulus oratorio. We're not performing it till February, but, well, it's kind of a long piece. My score's 200 pages long! Also I kind of love it a lot. *______* I regularly get feeeeeels about the music and the content during rehearsals and have to stop myself from bursting into tears because it's just that damned beautiful.

Date: 2012-11-23 10:39 pm (UTC)
aristh: (stock skull)
From: [personal profile] aristh
Hahaha Rutter hahaha.
We're doing Britten's Ceremony of Carols, which I am alarmingly psyched about. That is, psyched to an alarming degree! It's certainly not inherently alarming to be psyched about Britten.

Then a whole bunch of the regular carols, along with some oddball choices like Sir Christemas and Torches.


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