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Choir last night was good, even if my vocal cords are still weak and I got really hoarse. We're taking a break with Bach and starting to prepare for our own concert later in the spring. Among other things we're doing Evening Hymn by Gardiner and Sleep by Whitacre. I understand that Gardiner's Evening Hymn is a very common piece in Britain, but no one in my choir had done it before. I'd listened to some Whitacre before, but this is the first piece I've sung - very pretty. This is a kind of concert where we try to appeal to the public a lot by asking them to send in suggestions on what to sing. We did the same thing last year, and if we're going on that it will probably be less suggestions from the public than from choir members. I won't say we did any songs that weren't accessible per se, but some were less than easy listening. Anyway, there is bound to be a lot of romantic nationalism - there's a lot of tradition for choirs that way, especially in Uppsala.
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