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Yesterday's Mass thing was fun, because it was part of a Theology festival and the cathedral was full. They had 13 stations for communion, heh. With that many actually devout people taking part, unusual things tend to happen. For example, we had some guests, and two of them did the sermon, and then afterwards people applauded. This does not happen. Ever. Concerts only. (Although I do understand why. The main speaker was a Christian Palestinian woman, and the sermon was about the oppression going on in Israel, with some biblical parallels.)

Another unusual thing that happened was that at the end of the communion, some people started singing a Taizé song. And then everyone joined in, and we sang it for a few rounds, and when we tried to stop the bishop kept singing, so we had to keep going. You have to understand, this is pretty strange for here. The people who come to our service are generally very... silent, respectful and concerned with how things are supposed to be. There is never spontaneous song.

So that was weird, but fun!

The main choir thing was a sequence of four pieces written especially for the festival by a member of a fellow cathedral choir. Both of our choirs sang the pieces together. I wish I had a recording of it, because it was good music - kind of Howells-y with a little Knut Nystedt thrown in.
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